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wtf satoshi you’re not going to get a girlfriend with this attitude

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Hi there!” Mouse said with a smile, happy to meet a new person on their journey, well break from journey seeming as Mouse was currently in the poke centre attending to some pokemon that were ill that morning. 

Ash went to the Poke Center to get his Pokemon healed after an intense battle they had earlier and thought he needed a break too. “Man, I should get somethin’ to eat while my Pokemon rest here for a bit.”, he said to himself while his stomach growled in agreement. As he walked towards the door, he made eye contact with a young girl who gave him a friendly hello. “What’s up?” he responded kindly. “Are you also getting your Pokemon refreshed?”


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"Hiya!" Zaffre greeted merrily, he held a hand out towards the other, "My name’s Zaffre! Nice ta meet’cha! What’s your name?"

"My name’s Ash!" He responded warmly as his hand met the other boy’s in a handshake. "Nice to meet ya’ too, Zaffre!"


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Reblog if you’re a Pokémon RP blog.

I haven’t been around for the longest, would be nice to get some RPs going!


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"Iris, Cilan, and I (along with our Pokemon) have been sightseeing some pretty neat locations recently!"

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"Hey, May! It’s good to see ya’ again!"


"Yeah, it has been a while! Pikachu and I have been doing great! How about you? I bet you’ve won a lot of Pokemon Contests since the last time we met!"

"That’s great to hear Ash~!"

"Yes, yes I did~! Plus, I got a bunch of new pokemons. Everything is perfect with me. Oh, by the way, Dawn told me that you have new amazing friends~"

"Did she? I bet she was referring to Iris and Cilan! She’s right about them being amazing. if it weren’t for them, I don’t know how my journey around Unova would’ve turned out."

"Iris is currently training to become a Dragon Master, and Cilan is a Pokemon Connoisseur! Not to mention that he’s also a Gym Leader and a great cook! Dawn had a great time meeting them, I’m sure you would too!”

"No doubt you always find amazing friends to travel with~!"

"A great cook~? Noooow I’m completely sure we’ll get along well~!"

"Yeah! I guess I’ve been pretty lucky, haha. Hopefully you can meet them sometime!" 

"So where are you headed to now?"

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Anonymous asked: It is I, Arceus. You have the power, Ash Ketchum. You must harness this strength, and only then will you be able to bring forth starters, and the courage to communicate with those around you.

"… I have the power…?"


"Yeah, you’re right! I have the power to do anything, even starters! After all, I’m Ash Ketchum!

"Thank you, Arceus!"


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Junichi Masuda | "To Bill's Origin - From Cerulean"


It’s super effective!